Monday, 18 January 2010

And I'm in love....

Chanel fan + student money = no joy. UNTIL I found this beautiful Chanel-esque jacket in H&M for £19.99, not even in sale! Amazing...

I've teamed it with a pretty floral top that I picked up for £10 in the Topshop sale.
 Happy shopping!xoxox

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A winter warmer

My school is about as warm as it is outside (basically too cold) so dressing for the cold and finding some half decent to wear can be difficult. However I think I've cracked it with...a summer dress! With a snug cardigan and scarf it was sooo warm! (please ignore my stupid pose). Let's work out the pricing...
  • Scarf - part of set with hat from Tesco, £5
  • Necklace - Camden Market, £6
  • Dress - Bay, £6
  • Cardigan - admittedly my boyfriend's from Topman but I did have one almost exactly the same from Primark for £6
  • Tights - Thick tights, £2 for set of two in Primark.
Total cost: £25

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My minimal everywhere bag

I'd been looking for a bag I could use when I go out or something I could just carry around a few necessities. I had three conditions:
  1. It had to be BLACK. Black matches everything you see
  2. An over shoulder strap and zip. I'm prone to losing EVERYTHING on a night out, a zip is essential.
  3. UNDER £15. I have handbag for less than that so no way was I going to pay that much for a small over shoulder bag. Also I'm incredibly tight with my money.

I must admit it did take me a long while to find a bag to meet mystrict requirements but after a quick run to tesco on my lunch break I found this beauty! It cost just £7 and I hear now they've been reduced to just £5! The tassle on the zip is bang on trend for this season and it's great for carrying around those night musts - phone, camera, purse, make up etc. We love you Tesco!

Much love SFoxox

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An outfit I should remember I have...

I love this photo, probably because of the outfit I had on. The outfit was under 30quid minus the accessories. Bargain!

  • Playsuit - £6

  • Tuxedo Jacket - £12

  • Shoes - £7

  • I wore a tuxedo jacket with the playsuit as I hated the back. It's lace-up, ressembling a corset, however with the new underwear/outerwear trend I'm sure I could throw a skirt on with it to bring it up to date.

    I adore the accessories, especially the rag around my head - from my textiles department at school, amazing! I had been looking for the belt in the photo for ages, my friend had one but claimed it was £20 from she couldn't remember, so imagine how happy I was when I found it in Primark for £1.50! Don't lie to me, I shop around and will find what you're wearing...

    (l-r: Back of playsuit, belt, shoes, necklace wrapped around my lovely clock)
    I tried to find the braclet in my photo but it's amongst the clutter around my room. I got the braclet from a market in Spain. It cost 8euro (about £5 at the time) after some unsuccessful haggling. The necklace I got from a relative who was throwing out some out old things she didn't want anymore. It doesn't match with much but went well with this outfit!

    That's enough for now, my next blog will be a short one I think. Ask me anything and leave me comments! SFoxo

    First post. Vague,messy, lazy...

    So my first post, and my first photos. My montage shows the many collections of clothes I have scattered around my room as well as in my wardrobe, there were several more photos but you get the idea...I have to admit my favourite thing about the montage is the spider I fashioned for my wardrobe (did you spot it?). I know my montage is exactly a Picasso, but whatever it's about the clothes. Hopefully later on this evening I will upload my first outfit. I will give an opinion, cost and maybe a few tips on how you can also find similar items. Watch this space! SFxox